Decorating with Throw Pillows for Any Style

What Type of Throw Pillows are Trendy?
Whether you are searching for throw pillows for the living room or your bedroom, it is helpful to know what is trendy right now. Loose linen pillows have become popular because they complement both classic and contemporary interiors. Also, pastel-colored pillows are on trend now which is perfect for a soft setting room that embraces white and gray palettes. Fur, embroidered and velvet pillows are also a fresh and current choice. 
What Size Pillows Should I Choose?
Creating the perfect arrangement requires choosing the right size pillows. When shopping for throw pillows, you should try and mix different sizes. For examples, for a large couch, you can mix 24-inch pillows with a 22-inch pillow. The smaller pillow should always be arranged in front of the larger one. For a smaller piece of furniture, you can opt for 18-inch and22-inch throw pillows.
Styling Pillows for a Traditional Look…
If you have a more traditional style living room or bedroom, you will want to keep things simple by incorporating two or four large throw pillows that are arranged on both opposite ends of the bed or sofa. In a classic setting, velvet or silk pillows create a chic look. You can use colors and patterns to keep things fresh and interesting. 
Styling Pillows for a Modern Look….
For a modern look, pair pillows in odd numbers such as three or five. Opt for slightly bigger pillows because they look much cleaner than a bunch of small throw pillows. In such a space, you might want to try limiting the color palette and instead focus on pillows that embrace large geometric prints. You can pair a busy pillow with a more simple one or coordinate a print with a solid color accent pillow.
Styling Pillows for an Eclectic Look….
For an eclectic room that does not play by the rules, do not be afraid to use a mix of throw pillows of a variety of sizes. You can arrange them in odd pairs to create interest. Be open to different fabrics, patterns, and colors but you want them to have some harmony; therefore, make sure there is at least one common color found throughout the arrangement.
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