Inexpensive Curb Appeal Ideas

You are driving through a new neighborhood, what is the first thing you notice? You are probably looking at the neighborhood’s homes. The beauty of your house is not the only thing that sets it apart, but in fact, your curb appeal does. Curb appeal can be one of the biggest selling factors for a home. If you are looking to spruce up your home’s exterior on a budget, we have five tips for you! Because, we believe that creating great curb appeal, should not cost a fortune. 

Inexpensive Curb Appeal Ideas:

1. A Bold Entrance.

Your home’s front door says a lot. If you are looking to update it on a budget, you can begin by hanging a door wreath and adding a doormat. These simple decor pieces can help say “welcome home” without breaking the bank. 

2. You’ve Got Mail.

Make sure your mailbox is making a statement by replacing your current one with an updated, modern one. If you are on a tight budget, you can try repainting it and adding new numbers to its exterior. 

3. Can I Have Your Number?

Guests will be searching for your house numbers; therefore, it is important to make a good first impression. Make sure your house numbers look clean and fresh. If you are planning on replacing them, consider all the different places you could put your house numbers:

  • Painted on flower box. 
  • Placed on a tree. 
  • Hung above your front door. 
  • Installed next to your garage.

The options for displaying your house numbers are endless! Be creative with your house numbers and they will get more attention. 

4. Pretty Please.

Nothing adds beauty like fresh flowers and plants surrounding your home’s exterior. From garden beds to flower boxes, you can instantly upgrade your home with a few added plants. To make sure your plants thrive, be sure to ask your local nursery for plant suggestions. You want to make sure you choose plants that are appropriate for your climate and seasons. 

5. It’s Lit.

The exterior lighting of your home can be an important curb appeal factor. A well-lit home can help guests find your house at night and even deter burglars. 

6. Welcome.

Greet your guests with a welcome mat outside of your door. You can pick up an inexpensive doormat at your local store or customize your own with spray paint and stencils. 

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