Creating a Focal Point with an Accent Wall

Looking for a way to add character to your home without doing a complete overhaul? Try decorating an accent wall. It is a simple solution for creating a focal point in the room you are working with and there are many ways to approach this idea. From traditional methods to more unique materials, the point of creating a feature wall is to have a section of the room that catches the eye, expresses your style and maintains functionality all at the same time. Read on for some great ideas for accent walls.

The simplest method and usually the first one that comes to mind is a painted wall. If you want to keep things minimalistic, a solid color that is more on the bold side can do the trick. If you want to add something with a little more detail, try a patina paint to bring out a metallic look or you can stick with the solid scheme and incorporate alternating stripes or a sponging technique.

If you want to skip the paint, there are endless possibilities with wallpaper. Smooth, textured, simple, intricate-there will most definitely be something to suit your tastes. It is especially helpful if you enjoy a certain design but do not want to have to go through the hassle of stenciling each section individually.

Another way to add texture to the space is to simply use a different material. A few tried and true choices you can count on for a fabulous look are reclaimed wood panels, stacked stone and faux brick. Any of these choices will add a more earthy, warm feeling to your home.

If you are looking for a more modern vibe for your living space, try installing 3D panels or stacked upholstered wall panels. The 3D look will be an eye catcher and conversation starter no matter what color you choose. Like art, it will jump right out and command the attention of those in the room. Upholstered wall panels are a great way to achieve a symmetrical look that pops out at you as well. The extra dimension will add some softness to the room and won’t make the space look too busy.

We hope you’ve enjoyed some of our suggestions for feature wall designs! Try something new today!

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