Creating The Perfect Bed Set Up

We all live for collapsing in our bed at the end of a busy day. What if there was a way that you can make your bed even more comfortable? Yes, the perfect bed setup will make you feel like you’re spending the night in your favorite hotel. The layered mattress with the well-folded sheets, coverlets and the abundance of pillows will steal your heart away.

If you’re ready to stop sleeping on a sloppily made bed, then here are some tips to help create the perfect bed setup.

  1. Make sure you have all your linens together.

First off, you’ll want to gather all your linens. The quality and style of your bedding are all up to you, but we suggest selecting something of quality that matches your room interior but is also comfy. The bedding should include:

  • Elastic mattress pad
  • Fitted sheet
  • Flat sheet
  • Pillows and pillow covers
  • Comforter
  • Bed skirt

Crisp Sheets Are the Best Sheets

As much as you hate ironing there is nothing better than wrinkle free and crisp sheets.
Ironing large sheets on a standard small ironing board may be difficult. Therefore, you should try covering a table and use the surface to iron out your bedding.

Straighten Out the Bed skirt
There’s nothing that throws off the look than a crooked bed skirt. Be sure to straighten out the bed skirt so that it hangs even on all sides. This may require the help of another set of hands to get perfect.

  1. Smooth Mattress Pad
    Sometimes the elastic corners can cause the mattress pad to bunch up at the center which makes your sleeping uncomfortable. To prevent this from happening you can secure the elastic edges with a safety pin or corner fasteners.

  2. Applying the fitted sheet
    The fitted should fight tight. Pull it until it’s taut and secure it by tucking the edges underneath the mattress.

  3. Don’t forget the topper
    After properly making your bed make sure you add a cozy comforter to spread over the center. The comforter adds an extra layer of comfortable and depending on the climate you’ll need either a heavy or lightweight topper.

Sweet Dreams!