Easy Ways to Add Value to Your Bathroom

Like the kitchen, the bathroom is an essential part of the home. Unfortunately, it is an area that tends to get overlooked. If you plan on putting your home on the market or if you simply want to make your house more desirable, updating the bathroom can drastically increase the value of your home. How can you add value to your bathroom without launching an expensive remodeling project?

Twin Sinks
Twin sinks in the master bedroom bathroom is a smart move this especially ideal if you are sharing the bathroom. Remember, as a rule of thumb you’ll need at least sixty inches to comfortably accommodate an additional sink.

New Lighting Scheme
Updated lighting will improve the look of any space even the bathroom. Remove your traditional contractor lighting system and opt for something with style. Create a layered lighting effect, by installing an overhead lighting, task lighting near the vanity and you can even make use a light dimmer to create an spa like ambience in your bathroom. Use lighting fixtures with chic hardware.

Neutral Palette
Using bold paint colors on the bathroom walls have become trendy but it can be a challenge to pull off the look. For small bathroom spaces, stick to a neutral palette. For a fresh and clean look be sure to use light hues like grey and soft whites. Apply a coat of paint to a dated bathroom to refresh it.

Dress Up the Tub
Transform your bathtub into something dreamy by styling it with some of your favorite products and accessories. Line the tub with a couple scented candles and fluffy towels. Keep colorful bath salts and soaps nearby.

Whether it’s on the floor, a border around the shower stall installing new tile can give your bathroom a whole new look. Make sure you take time to pick out a tile design that you really like because it’s not an easy to replace. Large tiles can visually expand a small bathroom while diagonally installed tiles will make a narrow space appear wider.

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