Tips for Beautifying Your Bookshelves

If you are not an avid reader, you may find yourself with a lot of empty bookshelf space. Bookshelves can be a fantastic decor piece for homeowners who do not own a lot of books. Decorating your bookshelf can be a challenging process. There may be a lot of designs and ideas already running through your head, but before you dive into decorating, we have nine brilliant tips to help you! 


9 Tips for Beautifying Your Bookshelf

  1. Less is More. When decorating anything in your home, you always want to keep in mind that less is more. It is easier to add later than it is to take away items you just purchased for your space. Try to keep your design simple then add more as you go. 
  2. Add Purpose. Your bookshelf’s design can be whatever you desire. From a place to display your personal photography to a place to store your books, your shelf can have a solid purpose. Display whatever you are passionate about and the rest of the design will follow.
  3. Display The Room’s Style. One of our best piece of advice for you is to use the room’s style in your bookshelf design. Let your bookshelf continue the flow of the room’s design by incorporating similar pieces. If you decorated with gold fixtures in the room, continue that style choice by adding gold decor pieces to the bookshelf. 
  4. Create Depth. An easy and beautiful way to add depth to your bookshelf is to place wallpaper or a different color paint on the back wall. This will add a creative twist to the bookshelf and instantly adds design and depth. 
  5. Get Seasonally Inspired. Let the holiday seasons inspire your bookshelf design. Instead of adding more each holiday season, swap out current decor for holiday items. For example, you will want to take away one item for each piece of holiday you add. 
  6. Layer Photos. Layering photos is a trendy design that we love. You basically take your current photo frames and overlap them on top of one another. It creates a unique design that pairs well with the wallpapered background. 
  7. Visual Appealing. Try not to use items of the same scale and size. To create the ultimate bookshelf display, you will want to incorporate decor pieces of all sizes and varieties. Also, be sure to not use the same items over and over. You want to include different items that play off of one another’s features. For example, you could use a light blue vase that pulls the blue color used in one of your picture frames. This will help create a more visually appealing bookshelf. 
  8. Hang in There. A lot of homeowners will only focus on the shelf space available, but there forget about all of the wall space. For a unique and creative twist, try hanging certain items off of the bookshelf’s wall. Items like mirrors and picture frames will do just the trick! This idea will help add depth to your bookshelf without distracting from the other decor pieces. 
  9. Monochromatic. Using different shades of one color can create a clean and visual-appealing bookshelf. If you are a fan of one particular color in your space, try to use it throughout your entire bookshelf’s design. 


Looking to take your creativity to the next level? Try adding a customized backsplash to the back of your bookshelf’s wall. To help you complete this design, our expert staff is ready to work hard and get the job done professionally and efficiently. Contact us today for more details.