Consider This When Shopping for Sheets

Aiming for the most comfortable nights’ sleep? Then you probably know that quality sheets can contribute significantly to a good night’s rest. What many people don’t know is that when shopping for high-quality sheets, the thread count isn’t the only important factors.  While a high thread definitely makes for better sheets it’s the quality of the thread that really matters. In fact, sheets with a lower thread quality but higher quality fiber will be much more comfortable than bedding with high thread count. Let’s break it down.


It’s About the Fiber

Polyester and cotton blend sheets are popular because they are an inexpensive bedding option. Polyester blend sheets are durable, generally, wrinkle resistant, and they are less expensive.  However, blended fibers are not quite as comfortable as real cotton bedding. If you’re searching for sheets that feels super soft against the skin, invest in sheets that are made up of 100 percent cotton.


What sets cotton fiber apart from a polyester blend? First, you can say goodbye to waking up on clammy sheets since cotton tends to absorb moisture from the skin. Also, cotton is more stain resistant than polyester-cotton blends which means that they look cleaner than their less expensive counterparts.


The Weaving

The weave of the material also affects the way sheets feel against your skin. This also affects the aesthetics and the longevity of your sheets. Basic, plain sheets use horizontal and vertical yarns and are generally less expensive than bedding with patterns, designs, and colors. Percale weaving is more upscale and usually comes with a thread count of at least 180.  Sateen weaves are the most expensive. It utilizes more vertical yarns resulting in a higher thread count with a softer feel but with a longer life since it is not as susceptible to tears and rips.


Final Finish

Most sheets have been chemically processed with chlorine, silicon and other types of substances to prevent wrinkling, shrinking, and to keep them from losing their shape. If your skin is highly sensitive than you may want to consider purchasing organic pure finish sheets that haven’t been chemically enhanced. Pure finish sheets can be more expensive but they are definitely worth the price. Always remember to wash new sheets before using them for the first time.