Living Room Decorating Lessons

Transforming your living room doesn’t require a  big budget or huge chunks of your time. By implementing a few simple strategies you can turn your living room into drab to fab. Designing a room is much like preparing a meal. To get the best results you’ll need to follow a good recipe. We’re going to show you living room design methods that every homeowner should know!


Trendy or Timeless

Perhaps the biggest challenge of decorating your living room is furnishing it with pieces that you love and that you plan on having for a while. So should you go with furniture that is trendy or timeless? Since trends and style change just as fast as the season do then it’s best to invest in quality furniture that is classic and that you can envision being in your home for many years to come. Yes, a timeless sofa or chair can be accessorized with almost any trend you wish to use in your design.

Use pillows, area rugs, and different fabrics to inject interest. These elements can be rotated or swapped out for something different whenever you are ready.


Using Patterns

The pattern is a design element that adds both texture and visual interest to the living room. From traditional stripes to modern geometrics you can mix almost any type of pattern within one space. However, there are a few rules:

  • Vary the scale of the patterns used in the space – Mix large, medium and small patterns together so they don’t overwhelm each other.
  • Opt for patterns that will complement your living room color scheme 

Functional Furniture

Remember when shopping for furniture think about the functions that you will need the piece to perform. Don’t be afraid to mix it up. You can select furniture with modern sleek silhouettes but still purchase pieces that double as additional storage.


Window Treatments

Of course, every living room needs at least two layers of window treatments whether it’s for light control, privacy or for its thermal properties. Curtains and drapes can add style to a bland living room. Just make sure that you hang them right.