Decorating with Area Rugs

Rugs can transform a cold, stiff room into a comfortable, cozy getaway with the touch of your toes. If you are looking to transform your room, look no further because we have four easy tips on how to decorate with an area rug! 


How to Decorate with an Area Rug

Tip No. One: Begin the design process with your area rug. 

Choosing your area rug first can help with a load of design questions like wall colors and color scheme. But some and even most of you, will not have the luxury of choosing an area rug first. If you find yourself picking out a rug last, just try to pull colors from your room and look for it in your rug. You can have the same color in different values and hues, but try to stay in the same ballpark when choosing a color. 


Tip No. Two: Follow the 6 to 2 rule. 

A rug can be placed as little as 6 inches away from your wall, but no more than two feet. This will help your room feel just right; therefore, you will want to take measurements of the room. Once you understand the measurements, you can decide on different rug shapes and styles. You want to make sure that the rug is not too big or too small for your room.


Tip No. Three: Doorways and front entrances are different. 

If you plan to place a rug in front of your door, you want to make sure that is the exact size of the door or just a few inches less. For your front entrance or foyer, you can place the rug underneath wherever the main light fixture is placed. 


Tip No. Four: Know how to place furniture. 

Furniture on rugs can go one of three ways:

  1. All furniture legs are on the area rug.
  2. All furniture legs are off the area rug.
  3. The front legs of your furniture are on the area rug.