Budget-Friendly Design Tips

Redesigning your home does not need to be as expensive as you may think. We have six budget-friendly tips for redesigning your home this year. 


Budget-Friendly Design Tips

Tip No. One: Make it a DIY Project.

You can save a lot of money during a redesign by doing the work on your own. Hiring a contractor for every job can get pricey quick. If you think that you may be able to master the task, try and do it yourself! The library is a great resource if you are looking for a self-help book to begin a DIY project. 

Tip No. Two: Invite Friends + Family. 

No one is more willing to help than those who love you most (it is at least worth asking, right?). Ask your friends and family to come over for a day to help you tackle some big home improvement projects and promise a pizza dinner for their hard work. 

Tip No. Three: Look Local.

The price tags on some of the high-end furniture stores’ items can be outrageous and downright unaffordable. If you are looking to save money, check your local thrift stores and consignment shops. You may even find hidden treasures at yard and estate sales right in your own community.

Tip No. Four: Stick to Stock Items. 

Skip the custom designs and purchase stock items. This can save you a ton of money in the long-run! 

Tip No. Five: Search for Sales. 

Sales and discounts are everywhere nowadays, you just need to find them. Take some time each day to read through your email blast and see if any discount would apply to your needs. Extra savings can help with your budget and it is a good idea to keep an eye out on sales whenever possible. 

Tip No. Six: Do Not Start from Scratch. 

One of our most valuable budget-friendly tips for you is to not start from scratch. We encourage you to reuse some items that you already own. You can take a boring picture frame and repurpose it into a modern masterpiece. 



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