Bedroom Organization

Your bedroom is an escape from every stressful thing life has to offer. That is why your bedroom should be an organized haven to relieve you from everything. If you are looking for bedroom organization ideas, you came to the right place! We have made a list of five simple ideas you can start using in your bedroom to make it the most efficient, organized room in your home (no joke). If our bedroom is our “escape,” should not we be “escaping” the mess? 


Bedroom Organization

  1. Get it gone

Your bedroom’s main problem is most likely your closet. Take an hour and go through your entire closet. Sort through your clothes and decide if you want to keep, donate or throw away certain clothing items. Once you have finished sorting, organize your clothing appropriately by following idea number 2! 

  1. Groupings.

For a better organization system, you can group your clothing by color or type. Depending on your preference, you may choose to find your clothes by their color or by what they are. A better-organized closet can help assure you put things away properly. 

  1. Down where it is better

Is the space underneath your bed being used for anything? If you answered no, why not? Underneath your bed is the perfect place to store your out-of-season clothing! Do not let this space go to waste. Buy some inexpensive flat tubs to store items underneath your bed frame and you will never regret having that extra storage. 

  1. To the window, to the wall

Think about all the storage possibilities that are available when you look at your bare walls. Your walls hold so much storage potential! You can incorporate wall hooks, hanging cabinets, and clothing bars on your walls for storing items. The best part is that you can buy stylish versions of these organizational pieces and they can double as wall decor. 

    • Try to find a couple antique door knobs and use them as coat hooks.
    • Add wall shelves to hold your decor and other essential items.
  1. Like in poker, we fold

Most homeowners hang their sweaters, but we do not encourage doing this. You should always fold your sweaters. Folding will ensure that they will not get misshaped or snagged from a hanger. Plus, you can store your folded sweaters underneath your bed by using idea number 3! 


We hope you enjoyed these five easy ideas for organizing your bedroom.