Bath Towels

Surprisingly, there is a lot to know about bath towels. They hold a lot of purpose in a household. Not only are they decorative, but they are used daily for showers and drying your hands. You may be one of the many homeowners that just buys the cheapest towel they see. But if you are interested in learning more, we have all you will need to know about towels. 


Everything You Need to Know About Bath Towels

  1. Weight

You may have noticed that some towels weigh more or less than other towels. That is because all towels have a fabric weight. Their weight is measured in grams per meter. You can have a low-density fabric towel or a high-density towel. Typically, homeowners choose high-density towels for their bathrooms, because they feel heavier and more luxurious. 

  1. Material.

Towels are typically made from cotton. The type of cotton it is made from will determine its “feel” and “look.” In fact, there are extremely expensive cotton options and fairly inexpensive cotton options that you can purchase. 

  1. Decorative

Homeowners tend to love towels for their decorative aspect. You can buy towels to decorate and style your bathrooms. When you are sick of the design, you can simply buy new towels and start over with the design process. 

  1. Cleaning

Before you use your brand new towels, it is a good idea to give them a wash. You want to wash your towels because manufacturers tend to have the towels coated in fabric softener. This gives them that fluffy, soft look we love while they are sitting on the store’s shelves. Unfortunately, the fabric softener can affect how the towels absorb; therefore, you want to wash away the excess fabric softener before you begin using them. 

Washing: Make sure to separate your light and dark towels. For your first wash, you can add one cup of vinegar into your clothes cycle. If you choose an expensive cotton, you may want to opt-in for a mild-detergent. 

Drying: We all love fluffy, soft towels; therefore, when it comes to drying, we may overdo it. Try using a lower heat and gentle tumble when drying your towels. 


We hope you enjoyed these tips for buying and caring for your bath towels. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.