Homeowner’s Toolbox

Whether you are a new homeowner or have lived in your home for several years, having the right tools at a moment’s notice is essential to happy, efficient living. Let us add to your tool box and discuss the importance of owning each tool. 


Your tool box needs: 

  1. Hammer. Experts encourage homeowners to purchase two types of hammers. One hammer should be “heavyweight” and one should be “lightweight.” The weight of your hammer depends on the project. For instance, when you are using smaller nails, you should use the lightweight hammer.
  2. Tape Measure. There will always be a need for a tape measure if you want the job done right. We suggest that you buy a tape measure that locks and retracts back to its original position. These tape measures help with the ease of doing a project. 
  3. Pliers. One of the most helpful tools for homeowners is a nice pair of pliers. When buying your pliers, look at the various kinds of pliers available. We recommend buying several pliers that will each serve different purposes. 
  4. Screwdriver. One project may need a certain screwdriver head (Phillips) whereas another project may need a different head (Cross). Screwdrivers take on various forms so be sure to buy one driver with a variety of “interchangeable heads.” 
  5. Nails, screws, bolts, nuts, etc. If you are building something from scratch or using a prepackaged design, be sure to have the proper tools. We encourage you to buy extra nails and screws because you never know when you may need some extra. 
  6. Wrench. A wrench will be a helpful tool to have for different projects. Home improvement stores sell an array of different sizes, but you could just buy yourself an adjustable wrench. 
  7. Drill. Drills help with extensive projects that would require a heavy amount of manual labor with just your screwdriver. Skip the extra work and invest in a quality drill. You will also need a variety of drill bits for your projects. 


Having your essential tools will be helpful for any home improvement project and now, your tool box has never looked so good! Are they certain tools you cannot live without? What are they? We encourage you to leave your comments below.