A Beautiful Backyard

Investing in your outdoor space can become expensive. That is why they say it is an investment. Proper landscape, seating, and lighting can make your backyard an oasis. We want to help you make that oasis with a realistic budget. 


1. Brighten the space.

If you plan to entertain outside at night, install some lightning around your backyard. Lighting an outdoor space allows you to get artsy. Hanging a string of Edison-style light bulbs can bring romance and warmth to the outdoors. These lights are known to be energy efficient and have a low brightness, which is perfect for your outdoor oasis.

-You can even place some candles and tiki torches around the yard for extra lighting. Just remember to always make sure your candles and torches are completely out before going back inside. 


2. Get greenery. 

Adding greenery to your home brings life to an outdoor space. Take on a fun project and build a flower bed. You can even plant your own vegetable garden. Pick up some chalkboard signs from your local craft store and make it personalized. 

-If you are not ready to completely redo your landscaping, add some potted plants to your backyard. The potted plants will liven up the area and do not take as much maintain. 


3. Stylize with decorations.

Decorating your backyard can be extremely fun. You can decorate with affordable items from your local discount retailer. Incorporate items that you would even find inside your home: candles, pillows, throw blankets, bird cages, flowers, etc. These will be things your guests notice most because you have added your personal touch to the outdoor space. 


4. Finish up with furniture. 

Furniture will be the most pricey portion of outdoor spaces. Investing in good furniture can be highly beneficial in the future. Rather than choosing inexpensive future now, take the time to save for quality furniture. 


Creating your outdoor oasis with a low-budget is possible! It takes time to make it just right, but you are embarking on a creative journey. Let your thoughts become reality. In your backyard anything is possible.