Treat Yourself

Would you like a spa like an experience when you set foot in your bathroom? Well, to simulate the feel and look of a spa just think soothing aromas, relaxing candlelight and the comfort of fluffy towels. Now all you have to do is add a few of your own personal touches to create the ultimate experience in your powder room.


1.Make Sure Your Sanctuary Is Clutter Free

To create a calming sanctuary your sanctuary should be free of clutter. To get the refined spa look you need to clear away anything from your bathroom countertops that look unattractive. That means your hygienic products should be stashed out of view or you can utilize stylish storage solutions such as linen baskets. Try dressing your countertop space with more sophisticated items such as a clear vase with fresh flowers.


2.  Don’t Forget the Candles

You can’t recreate a spa experience without candles.  Turn off or dim your overhead lighting and light a series of candles. Yes, candles create a peaceful ambiance that soothes the soul. Be sure to mix smaller and taller pillar candles. You can even opt for specialty candles that when melted can be massaged onto your skin.


3. Splurge On The Necessities

No spa experience is complete without the big, soft fluffy towels that you can literally curl up in and go to sleep. Forego regular bath towels and consider investing in quality oversized Turkish bath sheets. You can organize a couple of these bath sheets on a wooden tray that sits by the side of the bathtub. Purchase a matching tub caddy and fill it with all your bath essentials. You can even turn your bathtub into a whirlpool. Conair Dual Jet Spa Bath sits on the side of the tub and whips the water.


4. Surround yourself in softness

When you step out of the bathtub you want to step into softness. Purchase a soft and plush mat and quality slippers you can put your feet into when you get out of the bathtub. Next, wrap yourself in an equally comfortable robe.