A Healthy Home

A healthy lifestyle begins with your home life. You can workout and eat well, but it is important to take a good look at your home and how it can affect your health. Poor conditions in your home lead to illness, allergies and other various health issues. Homeowners should investigate their air quality and cleanliness to determine a home’s health. If you want to dig deeper, here are some tips for having a healthy home: 


  1. Stay Organized. For homeowners to live a healthy life, they need to focus on staying organized. Organize your medications, tools, bath products, etc. It is best to get rid of all chemicals but if you cannot fully commit yet, it is totally fine!! Make sure all toxic products are put away and out of reach of children and pets. Also, try to label EVERYTHING to avoid confusion. 
  2. Avoid Unwanted Moisture. Too much water can cause mold, mildew, bacteria, and even bugs. To avoid these harmful pathogens, install moisture barriers around your home. Choose a barrier that is appropriate for your area’s weather and your house type. 
  3. Include Proper Ventilation. It is important to investigate your home’s air quality. Have you noticed that the air seems stuffy? Is there is moisture condensation on cold surfaces? Are you noticing the growth of mold or mildew? If so, it is essential to take your home’s ventilation into consideration: 
    • Use exhaust fans in the bathroom, kitchen and other moist areas of your home
    • Open your windows to get fresh air in your home. 
  1. Keep It Clean. Avoid transferring germs by keeping a clean, dirt-free home. Make sure to clean out your heating and cooling ducts to reduce the spread of dust and dirt throughout your home. 
  2. Remove Pests. Pests are known to carry several harmful diseases; it is best to get rid of pests as soon as possible. Try using nontoxic exterminators before you resort to toxic exterminators. This will help to avoid putting the harmful toxins in your home. 
  3. Go for All-Natural Cleaners. It is always more healthy for you and your family to use nontoxic cleaning products. With a variety of different solutions available, homeowners can quickly put together homemade cleaners. If you are buying your products, look for all-natural cleaners. 
  4. Schedule an Inspection. You will want to know if your home is in good condition by scheduling an inspection every two-three years. They can check your foundation, siding, roof, etc. 


We hope you and your family continue to live a happy, healthy life and that this list was helpful to you. What are some ways you keep your home healthy? We would love to hear in the comment section below.