Bedroom with Nautical Theme

wWarner-Groves-at-Morrison-Ranch-070Decorating with a theme makes a room fun, and this nautical option offers lots of choices for colors and accessories. Let’s take a look at this inviting bedroom above to get some ideas.

Color scheme: Blue is a given. You want to capture the color of water when you bring in a beach/boat theme. The secondary color – the focal hue on the back wall – captures the feeling of sand.

Patterns: Notice the wave pattern on the bedspread. This gives the feeling of water in the room. The woven bases on the table lamps remind you of fishing nets, bringing in another element of the ocean to this beach-like bedroom.

Accessories: An anchor appliqued on the throw pillow certainly brings a nautical element into the space. Several model sailboats also contribute to the mood. A final fun element comes from the oars hanging on the walls. The paint choices make these items particularly interesting, Creativity certainly came into play in this space.

You don’t have to live on the water to bring an oceanside feeling into your home. With a little planning and some flair, you can create a beach space even if you live inland. To see this room in person, visit our Sycamore model in Warner Groves in Morrison Ranch.