Cause for Paws

Cause-For-Paws-2015_collage1 - CopyIf you’ve ever burned your feet on hot asphalt or concrete in our Arizona summers, you understand what your dog is dealing with in 100 degree plus weather. Most people don’t understand that the padding dogs have on the bottom of their paws isn’t any tougher than our bare feet.

And when you take your dog for a walk on a hot surface, asphalt temperatures in Arizona can reach as high as 170 degrees.Can you imagine walking around barefoot on that in the middle of summer?

A dog’s paws can be burned or permanently damaged by this heat, and to help raise awareness and give you some help, Fulton Home has partnered with 100.7 KSLX to sponsor the Fulton Homes Cause for Paws program. Stay tuned to KSLX or visit their website to find out your next opportunity to pick some practical paw booties for your dog.

Or stop by any pet supply store to pick up a pair of booties for your dog. And the next time you take your dog for a walk, check out the road surface with your bare foot or hand. If it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for them. Take your dog for walks in the early morning or evening, and keep them in shady or grassy areas as much as possible.