A Child’s Valentine

valentines-day-1182245_1280As adults, we may think of Valentine’s Day as a day for romance, with our significant other if we have one, or with frustration at the absence of romance if we don’t. But we tend to ignore celebrating Valentine’s Day with our children.

Of course, even little ones can get caught up in whether their current crush will notice them on the day, but you have the power to make it special no matter what with just a little effort on your part. Here are a few tips to make Valentine’s Day special for you and your child or children.

Send them a Valentine: If your child or children look forward to getting mail, it may be worth the cost of a stamp or two to actually mail a card to each child. If the mailbox process itself isn’t important, set the cards at the breakfast table for opening first thing in the morning. Make the cards special by writing something personal about why you love them using a specific example.

Add a Valentine treat to their lunchboxes. This could be a heart-shaped cookie or some heart chocolates wrapped in red foil. It would also be nice to add a note with another reason why they’re special to you. It’s easy to get too busy to tell our children how much we value them. Valentine’s Day gives you a chance to do so.

Plan a Valentine dessert for dinner. Maybe it’s a heart-shaped cake from the bakery or a favorite treat with a few conversation hearts sprinkled on top. Or you could just make hot chocolate and serve it with a construction paper heart tied to the handle of the mug. Present the dessert to each child with a kiss.

In one day you have three opportunities to tell your children you love them. And that way when life gets busy again, they know that you think they are important, and that they are your favorite Valentines every day of the year.