Make a Smooth Transition Back to School

back to schoolWith school starting it can be hard for kids to adjust from the relaxing days of summer back into school mode. Here are a few tips to help them – and you – make the transition easier.

Pre-plan supplies: Don’t let everything go until the last minute. Shop for needed school clothes, shoes, school supplies and any technology on a schedule over several weeks. Structure special places in your home to stage school activities. Create several school outfits and hang them together in each child’s closet. Create a specific location for kids to find the pencils, pens, papers or other school supplies they may need so there’s no rushed morning searching.

Plan and negotiate lunches: Will your children be bringing their lunches to school or eating in the cafeteria? Or maybe there will be a mix during the week? Now is the time to negotiate the lunch issue so that you avoid those pre-school morning debates. Include planning a combination of wholesome foods with a few treats to make workable lunches for everyone. And while you’re at it – maybe you want to plan healthful lunches for yourself too. You can eat better and save money over eating out.

Pre-plan breakfast: Have a nice variety of easy and healthful breakfast options ready to go every morning. Hot cereal, eggs and toast, fresh fruit salad or frozen breakfast options such as whole-grain toaster waffles can combine to make a good start to the day for everyone. Plan on an extra 15-30 minutes in the morning so that no one has to rush.

Get an early start on going to bed: If your kids have gotten in the habit of going to bed late, start moving their bedtime to an earlier schedule a half-hour at a time every few days. By the time school starts, you want them to be able to wake up easily in the morning with a good night’s sleep behind them. Little ones can benefit from a standard bedtime routine with baths, books and good night kisses on a regular schedule.

Getting back into the mood for school can be tough, but as a parent taking these simple steps can make the process easier for everyone in the family.