Integrating Entertainment Technology in your Home

Entertainment center from the Rancho Mirage model in Oasis at Queen Creek

Entertainment center from the Rancho Mirage model in Oasis at Queen Creek

Technology has certainly changed since the days when telephones and televisions were the extent of it in your home. As televisions have gotten larger and flatter, and what we can do with them has evolved, it pays to plan for the entertainment technology in your home. Here are a few ideas.

Plan for family viewing: While you may like to have a television in your bedroom or kitchen, it pays to choose one main location for your entire family to enjoy. This allows you to invest in one larger-format set with theater-quality sound for watching films or special programs. Smaller-format sets or even computers work well for everyday screen time.

Build in convenient space for accessories: DVD’s, game consoles and controls, and whatever else you need for family entertainment is more likely to be used regularly if it’s convenient. Close-by shelving and storage helps keep everything in one place and easy to access when you need it. Notice that the shelves and cabinets in this entertainment space keep equipment and supplies out of sight when not in use, a tidier and more attractive look.

Create an integrated look: The wall color, tile insert and flooring, and black finish on the cabinets make the space feel well-planned and attractive. The choice to stay with light tones and black makes this wall a focal point while it still remains consistent from a design perspective with the rest of the room. Notice how the black finish on the coffee table supports this design goal.

Integrating entertainment technology into your home requires you to consider both functionality and design. For more ideas on how to make that work in your home, we invite you to visit our models in Oasis at Queen Creek.

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