Do You want a Fulton Home Right Now?

Inventory_home_montage-webMaybe you’ve just moved to our area and have fallen love with Fulton Homes. Or maybe you’re just ready to move into a new home before summer’s heat hits us. If for whatever reason you want to move into a brand new Fulton Home without a delay, why not check out our inventory of almost-finished homes?

Here at Fulton Homes, we know that there are customers who find it difficult to wait through the entire construction process to move into their new home. We have a selection of inventory homes waiting for you to explore. With a variety of layouts and finish choices, you may find the home that would be perfect for your family. These homes are almost move-in ready, making it easy for us to help you into your home with minimal delays.

If you want to see the choices available, we invite you to call or visit our sales offices for the community you’re considering. A member of our sales team can help you discover the homes available so that you can determine which one will be perfect for your new home.

This home, located in our Ironwood Crossing community, is just one of our inventory homes. With its completed kitchen, front-yard landscaping, and lighting, it will be perfect for some home buyer. Our design team makes the finish decisions, ensuring that every inventory home has an inviting and unique look.

We look forward to showing you our selection of homes – built with you in mind.