The Pleasure of Water

Legacy Models 053Many thousands of years ago, desert dwellers knew that the presence, sight, sound and feel of water moving helped people cope with the hot dry desert. Today in the Southwest, commercial and residential landscape designs improve when you add water.

The Fulton Homes’ models at Legacy take full advantage of water’s power to soothe and create an inviting ambience. Positioning a fountain in the front courtyard like this one at Legacy draws the summer back a bit and allows visitors to refresh themselves even before entering your home.

Legacy Models 104If you want water to contribute to the comfort of your landscape, the following tips can help you make the best choice for your home.

Stop and look: Does the water’s spray catch the light? Is there a natural place to dip your hand in to catch a bit of moisture? Is the fountain visually appealing? Choose a fountain that you will enjoy looking at every day.

Listen: Make sure you have a chance to hear how your fountain will sound. Does the water sound musical? Is it an inviting background to conversation or quiet time? If your yard experiences traffic noise, a fountain provides a great way to mask and distract the ear. Make sure you choose one that has the right sound for your needs.

Integrate it in the space” Does the fountain match the look and style of your home? Can you incorporate some of the same materials that you already have in your landscape to make a stronger connection? Consider adding rocks, plants, tile and any other elements that will make your fountain seem like an organic part of your yard, not an afterthought.

Follow these suggestions and you will discover the water feature that helps make your desert landscape bloom winter and summer.