Accessorizing your Outdoor Areas

Legacy Models 065 (1)When designing a backyard pool space, often your focus is on the pool itself to the detriment of the rest of the area. This yard, from the O’Connor model at Legacy, shows how some careful attention to the furniture and features of your pool space can turn your yard into an appealing haven for family and friends.

Throughout this yard, clean lines and a contemporary style combine to make this yard clearly the result of a designed approach. The rectangular pool is echoed by the choice of rectangular stones for the hard surfaces. By continuing this same stone at the back of the pool with the raised area that holds the fountains, this yard maintains an inviting consistency.

Legacy Models 060 (1)Take a look at the lounge chairs surrounding the pool. Built for comfort, the blue cushions also add style by mirroring the color of the pool in a darker shade.

The planter shown in the photo to the right combines the sharp lines of every element of this yard with some height and color to break up the generous pool deck. Notice also the dark square next to the furthest lounge chair. Pieces such as these can be moved into various locations as needed, recruited to hold drinks or snacks around the pool.

Altogether, this minimalist approach with its clean lines and limited color palette lends itself to a contemporary approach to your yard. By taking this angle, the outdoor space for this home has the same design aesthetic as the rooms in the home itself. This yard demonstrates that design doesn’t need to stop at the back door.