The O’Connor: Beautiful Bedroom

Legacy Models 097This master bedroom has the feel of a luxury hotel suite, one where the rooms are renovated regularly to keep the décor cutting-edge yet comfortable. What secrets does this bedroom contain that you can borrow to make your master as plush and inviting as this one? Let’s take a look.

Contrast combined with consistency: Light and dark tones together add a pop of personality to the space, while consistent colors and shades within the darks and lights keep the room integrated.

Plush features: From the fluffy duvet to the bench at the foot of the bed and upholstered chairs in the seating area, this room has a soft feel. The generous use of throw pillows also adds to the warmth.

A touch of bling: Nothing says special like things that shine, and the lamps on either side of the bed meet that goal. Add in the knobs holding up the curtains, the silver shimmer of the upholstered bench and the touch of gold edging the coffered ceiling and you have a shimmering feel that adds glamour.

A few daring design choices: Taking a chance with some of your design decisions can really make a room feel special. In this case the choice of the dark modernist piece running from the bed to the ceiling becomes part headboard, part art, allowing the bed to stand as a strong focal point in the room. The ceiling fan provides another intriguing feature with its contemporary lines and sharp blades.

To check out this and other interesting rooms from the Fulton Homes O’Connor model, visit our newest community, Legacy, in Gilbert.