Laundry Room Luxuries

DSC_0050What does your dream laundry room contain? Let’s start with the newest front-loading washer and dryer. Would you prefer traditional white or do you have the design courage to choose this fire-engine red? Everyone knows that the police notice a red car so that the color sticks out if you’re speeding, but in your laundry room safe in your own home, you can enjoy this daring color with no fear of a ticket.

Next, how about a laundry room sink? Large and deep, this works well for hand laundry, washing small pets, and rinsing out stains.

Some people like to make these sinks home central for mopping floors, with plenty of space to fit a bucket and let a mop drain.

By the way, notice the nice location right above the sink with a rod to hang clothes that need to drip dry. This well-designed laundry room is ready to handle all of your clothes washing needs, and wants!

 DSC_0051Next, how about cabinet and counter space? In this room, open built-in bins can be assigned to each family member to handle homework, mail and other personal items that get misplaced throughout the house. This space makes a great family-central for books, backpacks, keys and mobile devices. There are plenty of outlets to charge anything, and keeping it all in one location makes it easier for you.

DSC_0049Want more? How about yet another area of cabinets and counters? Tucked in the back of the generously-sized room, this unit could be used to hold craft or sewing supplies, pet items or for storing any items of interest to the family. Maybe this could become board-game storage or a good location to handle wrapping paper, ribbon and decorations for birthday and other holiday events. Your choices are only limited by your imagination.

Is this the laundry room of your dreams? Not sure? Well, how about visiting the Fulton Homes Legacy community and taking a look? You’ll find this dream room in the Basha model home. It’s just one space designed with you in mind at Legacy.