How would you use a Butler’s Pantry?

Legacy Models 032Traditionally, a butler’s pantry was a small room between the kitchen and the dining room used to store china and serving pieces. Today, however, butler’s pantries are coming back as a resource for entertaining and display.

Now that we’ve moved into the holiday season, wouldn’t you enjoy one of these butler’s pantries when holding a holiday event? How would you use this space in your own home? Here are a few suggestions.

As drinks-central: Whether you are serving wine and cocktails or soft-drinks and juice or after-dinner coffee, this space is perfect for holding the glassware, drink options and any other items you may need. Away from the kitchen, people can help themselves to their choice of beverage without interfering with dinner or appetizer preparations.

Legacy Models 072 (1)As an extension of the buffet: Perhaps this would be a good place to present a small dessert bar or position extra plates and silverware. You could also provide room for napkins and extra placemats or other table linens.

As a clean-up resource: Use the space under the sink to hold an emergency clean-up kit for spills. Clean small white towels, paper towels, and a reliable carpet spot cleaner can easily be accessed to address unexpected messes.

As a children’s snack center: items such as pretzels, mini graham crackers and juice boxes could be arranged on this butler’s pantry, giving little hands an easily-accessed source for the kind of treats kids appreciate rather than the fancier appetizers prepared for adults. And don’t be surprised if you see some of your older guests wander over and grab a chocolate teddy-graham or two.

However you choose to use this space, a butler’s pantry provides a nice additional resource for entertaining friends and family this season and all year round. For an opportunity to check out these two butler’s pantries in person, visit our Legacy community in Gilbert.