Area Rugs Pull Rooms Together

Family Room DSC_0323 area rug 3Do you find that some of your rooms feel a bit unfinished? If you’re satisfied with your furniture placement, art on your walls and accessory choices, look a little lower and see if a rug will provide the final touch.

Most interior decorators will encourage you to start with the flooring, including area rugs, but if you are already through with much of your decorating, the vast selection of colors and styles means that it’s never too late to add an area rug.

Start by taking a good look at your space. Would a darker or lighter rug fit better? What about colors? Finally, what style would fit your home’s décor the best? Could a contemporary pattern add flash to your traditional furniture selections or would a more classic choice connect everything together?

Next, go online to start visualizing some of your options. The Fulton Design Center carries Feizy area rugs – a company that has a long tradition of quality and style. They have choices in a wide range of colors and materials to fit every budget.

Be sure to bring a few photos of your room when reviewing rugs in person. It will help you understand the proportions of the design and color choices. Notice in this room from the Fulton Homes Cascade model, the rug pulls out the accent colors rather than the primary ones. This brings a rich note to the room through expanding the dark tones with just a few hints connecting to the lighter sofas.

An area rug is a worthwhile investment – one that can add to the mood and charm of your home in any room.