Sofa/Coffee Table Alternative

Loft in the Fulton Homes Daylight Model

Loft in the Fulton Homes Daylight Model

Most people would be inclined to put a sofa in this cozy loft space. But if you think just a little outside the box, you might make other choices.

Is this space a family TV area or a nook for mom and dad to watch a little late-night news or a talk show after the kids are in bed? Or maybe it’s just the two of you, or just yourself with a habit of taking a break in front of the television.

Instead of a sofa, consider the comfort of a couple of chairs and ottomans. These chairs, although armless, are cushy enough to sink into. Choosing two smaller ottomans rather than the traditional coffee table allows each person to create their own space. One might turn over the top cushion to use the tray underneath for a snack. The storage in each ottoman provides the opportunity to tuck away a good book, reading glasses, and even the remote.

Anyone who loves to sew, crochet or knit in front of the TV will appreciate that storage space, making it easy to place projects out of sight when not actively working on them. This is particularly useful if you’re working on surprise gifts for family members.

The ottomans are light enough to move around as you choose, and the cushion on the top creates additional seating for occasional extra viewers. Add in a few floor pillows and the whole family could curl up to watch something special on a Saturday night.

So don’t jump into a sofa purchase immediately to fill up a space like this. Consider the flexibility and comfort of chairs and ottomans instead. They make a room seem larger while still supporting all of your plans for the space.