Set Resolutions You Can Keep

5501054_SSome people make the same resolutions year after year, never sticking to them after the first week or so. If you visit a gym in January, for example, it is crowded with people vowing to get into shape. By March, at least half of them are gone.

If you want to make resolutions this year that you can keep, here are some suggestions to help you on your way.

Prioritize: Every one of the resolutions on the list above involves a big lifestyle change. No one can make that many changes all at once. So choose just one or two areas of your life that you want to improve.

Be specific: Instead of just saying, “Eat Healthy,” resolve to eat a salad for at least three lunches a week. In place of “Get a better job,” decide to update your resume. These are manageable and measurable goals.

Make a plan: If you want to start exercising, take a look at your schedule to determine where you can make the time. Consider working with a personal trainer to kick-start your efforts. Find a friend or two who want to add walking to their days and set up a walking group. The more steps you lay out the easier it is to get started.

Include rewards: Everyone can be more committed to making a change if a good bribe is involved. If you want that Kate Spade handbag, a day at a spa, or a haircut from the new expensive salon, or maybe just a Saturday afternoon with a good book, build in treats when you meet your goals.

Don’t limit resolutions to January 1st. Any time is a good time to make changes to improve your life. Start with one or two now and add others later. You can accomplish a lot one step at a time.