Design Inspiration: Set a Stormy Mood

5775664_SThere’s nothing restful about a stormy day. Clouds roll over the sky, threatening rain or hail or snow. Lightning flashes unexpectedly, followed by the rolling roar of thunder. A stormy room wouldn’t be restful or dull. Instead, it would demand your attention.

Take a look at the stormy scene to the left. Even in a static photo, you can see the movement of the clouds and the explosion of lightning. Dark colors, browns and greys and touches of black, provide the color palette for a stormy room.

731973_STo begin to determine what makes a space feel like the outdoors in a storm, take a look at the photo on the right. This indoor space – a tunnel – echoes the mood of the storm. The ceiling is dark like the stormiest of storm clouds in the sky. The lights and the stripes on the street move like lightning across the sky. Unintentionally, this tunnel mimics some of the feel and even the sounds of a stormy day within its enclosed space.

15750868_SLet’s take a look at a room that captures the intensity of a storm in its design. While this could be a residence, it could as easily be a hotel lobby with its air of grandeur.

The colors are primarily dark, appropriate to a stormy mood. But the shiny lit stripes across the back of the ceiling and the walls provide the same stripes of light we see in the storm above and the tunnel to the right.

Lightning is more than just white – it is a light that temporarily blinds your eyes if you look right at it. The silver shine and lighting design of this room carry a reminder of lightning at its powerful best, as though it strikes and then lingers in the mind.

This design is daring and strong like a stormy day at its most powerful and overwhelming. A design like this may be too much for most homes, but how about capturing this mood in one corner of a den, or in an exciting dining room?

Storms can be frightening, but they are also energizing and interesting. Think about capturing a bit of that energy inside your home.