Transforming your Garage

5214697_SDoes your garage look something like this? A recent U.S. poll showed that less than 60 percent of respondents use their garage to park their car.

If you tend to use your garage as the largest walk-in-closet in your home, the Fulton Homes garage options can change all that.

Let’s take a look at some of the choices available to you.

garage floor coatingGarage Floor Coating: This epoxy painted flooring keeps your garage floor looking fresh, and its durability can withstand years of parking your car on it. The easy-clean surface turns your garage into a functional and attractive space. Please note, however, that the motorcycle does not come with…

Rubbermaid Garage Storage: Professional organizers say one key to making a space attractive and organized is to keep everything off the floor. Rubbermaid’s flexible unique FastTrack® rail-mounted system does that, and can be customized using modular storage units to meet the needs of your household

tip-get-it-off-the-floor-largeRubbermaid Garage Cabinets: If you dream of having a workshop in your garage, or even some enclosed storage, take a look at the Garage Cabinet options that Fulton Homes offers. From a single cabinet to a wall full, Fulton Homes and Rubbermaid can meet your needs.

For more insights into how to make your garage more than a hiding place for clutter, visit the Fulton Homes Online Design Center. Who knows; you could end up proud enough to leave thegarage door open for the neighbors to see!