Design around your Needs

2555983_SDo you want to help your children with their homework while you fix dinner? Then plan for homework space in or near your kitchen. Have pets? Consider durability and maintenance when planning your flooring. Are seniors with canes or walkers regular visitors to your home? You may want to choose a plan that provides a bathroom and guest bedroom on the first floor.

Before you make decisions about your home’s plan or design, take a minute to consider your current and future needs.

Many people today find themselves caring for children and parents or grandparents at the same time. When you plan your home, think about providing the options you may need if a family member needs to stay with you to recover from surgery or an accident.

Be sure to choose a home that gives you and your family plenty of opportunities to interact. Whether this means a dining area that encourages eating dinner together every night or a family room with a game table for board games in the evening depends upon your family patterns. As you plan your new home’s layout and design, talk to everyone in your family about what they love (and don’t love) about your current home and what they would like to have as part of the new one.

Think about your own needs too. Do you dream of having a deep comfy bathtub for taking a luxurious break from everything? Maybe outdoor space for your morning coffee is your top priority. How about closets and other kinds of storage?

Design around your needs and your new home will be comfortable and enjoyable for everyone in your family.