Help your Child Redecorate

6607525_SAs your children grow, it’s up to you as a parent to give them opportunities to make decisions. One great way to expand the thinking of a child is to involve them in redecorating their bedroom. You can include budgeting, planning, prioritizing, space planning and combining function with style. Here are a few steps to get you started.

Set a budget: How much money is available for the remodel? Before you and your child make a plan, it’s important to determine the amount that can be spent.

Make a plan: Will you be buying furniture? What about new window treatments? Balancing the budget against the desired changes can help your child determine what goals are most important.

There may also be problem-solving opportunities. For example, if your child would like to replace flooring but the budget won’t cover it, how about an area rug instead? Furniture could be repainted rather than replaced. Using graph paper, draw the furniture layout for the room. Using a tape measure and laying out a room is a great way to show your child how math can have real-world value.

Negotiate: This process also provides an opportunity to negotiate with your child. Would you be willing to up the budget if the child gave up presents for an upcoming birthday? Can he or she grab the desk from the basement to make a homework station in his or her room?

Set a schedule: When you’re redecorating, what needs to be done first? With your child, set up a reasonable schedule for selecting and installing the new look. If you have more than one child, you may want to stagger the remodels so that you are not overwhelmed.

Make it fun: Yes, this is a learning experience, but it’s also a real treat. Look for ways to make the process enjoyable rather than stressful. Mistakes will probably happen, but that’s part of making changes in your personal space.