Adding Natural Elements to Holiday Decorations

Even if you prefer an artificial tree you can add natural features to your holiday celebrations. Pine cones, seed pods and nuts still in their shells bring the season to life.

You can add some character and even bling to a natural arrangement. Consider touching the edges of your pine cones with white paint to resemble snow, or add some glue and cover the tips of various natural pieces with glitter.

Holiday greens provide a nice addition to any tablescape. Local warehouse stores and groceries have bouquets of pine and holly and other greenery, and these will bring charm to any holiday decoration. Place small branches under holiday ornaments or treats to add a special touch.

Fresh pine wreaths and poinsettias can be picked up at those same stores, or take a trip to a florist for a larger selection of options. The smell of fresh pine when you walk into a home makes the holidays more vivid.

If you have pine trees or firs such as a juniper on your property, you can just trim off some smaller branches and create your own green decorations. Be careful with pine branches, cones and needles, however. Freshly-cut pieces often drip sap that can damage furniture. Place wax paper or foil under the edges so that the sap is safely captured.

Whole spices such as nutmegs, cinnamon sticks and star anise make a nice addition with both looks and scent for the holidays. Notice the clove-studded oranges above. Use a sharp knife first to make the holes in the orange, then stick whole cloves in to make a sweet-smelling decoration. In this case a bit of fake snow adds to the holiday mood. Even without our own snow here, we can conjure the memory of winter weather by bringing nature into our festivities.