Highlight your Fireplace

Now that the weather is cooling, those fireplaces that are only so much decoration all summer may see some use. With the attention your fireplace may start getting, it might be time to update its look. Here are a few suggestions for updating your fireplace.

Think proportion: A large piece of art is a nice touch over your fireplace. Make sure it’s sized smaller than the mantel and set low enough to connect to the fireplace below. If you’re concerned about getting the right shape and size, consider using proportions similar to the fireplace itself.

Consider a mirror: Mirrors often flatter a fireplace. However, do check to see what the mirror will reflect before hanging one. That reflection will be visible every time someone looks at your fireplace so you want it to be attractive.

Have your accessories connect the mantel and its art: The candlesticks on this mantel – a classic choice – frame the mirror and take advantage of the larger mantel. Both the clock and the plant reach into the frame and the mirror. These elements make the entire space feel like a cohesive whole.

Integrate the fireplace with the rest of the room: Notice how the candlesticks and candles coordinate with the wall sconces? This connection helps make the fireplace integrate with its location. The area rug also mimics the soft tones of the fireplace surround and the richer tones of the wall.

If you’ve left your mantel alone lately it’s time to take a second look. Shop your own home to find some new pieces to spark up your fireplace before the colder weather encourages your family to pay it more attention.