Make your Bathroom Standout

New construction is a wonderful opportunity to customize a home to suit your needs. Upgrades can add up and you might not get every upgrade you want due to your budget. Often the second or third bathroom in a home is lower on the list of builder upgrades than the kitchen or master bathroom. If this is the case and you have a builder basic bathroom, there are simple tricks you can do to give it the look and feel of an expensive upgrade.


Wall color is the first place to start. Choose a paint color that works with your cabinetry, floors and tile colors since those are more expensive to change. If you have builder’s beige bathroom, change the wall color. It doesn’t have to be a major change from beige to bold color. Even a deeper neutral like warm grey can make a big impact. If your vanity or other bathroom storage is off white or cream, you might want to avoid crisp white. If you have wood cabinetry, the white will highlight the natural beauty of the wood.


The large plate of mirror that is standard in a newer construction bathroom is another builder grade staple that can be change. You can put a frame around the large mirror to give it a more finished look. You could add a cabinet in between two sinks to divide the mirror in two. There are many fantastic tricks and ideas on dealing with large bathroom mirrors on design blogs.

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