Comfortable Interiors: Comfort Food for the Home

Some rooms feel like the interior design equivalent of chicken soup or a casserole—in other words, comfort food for the home. Creating a room that envelopes us in comfort is more than just having comfortable seating. Rooms that succeed at making people feel instantly at home and comfortable are designed that way.


Comfortable interiors are all about inviting someone to sit, relax and enjoy the space. They can envelope people like a big blanket. Furniture and lighting play a big role in establishing a comfortable design.  Lighting should come from multiple sources and preferably not be overhead light but floor and table level. Overhead light can be too harsh and tends to wash out the room if it is too bright. An overhead light like a chandelier that can be dimmed is a good idea if overhead lighting is a must.


Comfortable furniture can take many forms. Straight back chairs and stiff sofas do not lend themselves to comfort as easily as a club chair or overstuffed down sofa. Materials for the filling of furniture should be soft and pliable, molding to the body rather than stiff and unforgiving. A mix of down and foam is a good choice for pliable cushions that also hold their form.


Flooring is another area where comfort can be incorporated into the design. Soft carpets and thick pile area rugs invite bare feet and lounging on the floor.  Accessories like pillows and throws can make a warm, inviting place to snuggle on the sofa for a nap or watching a favorite movie. Relax and Enjoy!