Stone for Walls and Floors

When we think of natural stone for the home we often think of stone floors. Stone tile floors offer a durable surface that is cool underfoot, great for hot weather climates. Stone floors can be warmed with in-floor heating for cooler climates and bathrooms. Stone floors are durable and stylish choices for both bathrooms and kitchens and can be used throughout the home for a uniform look.


Stone tiles can also be applied to the walls, as seen in this contemporary home that has both stone floors and stone tiles on the walls. Bringing stone up onto the wall works well around a fireplace or focal wall. Stone tiles can also be used in bathrooms, including shower enclosures.  Using stone tiles in the living room or hallway is less typical but can work well with contemporary design as seen in this home.


Combining stone tile floors and stone tile on the walls wraps the room in a uniform pattern and material. Travertine will add texture and a warm cream color to the walls and floors. Grey and white marble has more of a cool look to it. Beyond kitchen backsplashes, stone tiles can be used in mudrooms and entries as well as outdoor living spaces.


Pairing a stone wall with painted or plastered walls can bring texture to a room.   The deep brown on the walls in this space are a good example of color that highlights the stone. When choosing a wall color, choose one that highlights the color of the stone, this will be sure  to bring out the natural beauty of the stone tiles.