Time to Organize the Home

Do you feel like the man in this picture – trying hard to keep lots of plates spinning at the same time, running from one task to another, but never really getting time to relax?

It’s an almost impossible position, because you never seem to have a chance to get more organized and figure out how to finish projects faster or save time and headaches.

When you move into a new home, it’s with lots of good resolutions about finding a place for everything and finally squeezing in some time for yourself. But for many people, instead they never feel like they have time to organize.

Here’s the solution: stop thinking of all the organizational tasks in front of you. Instead, take baby steps. Start with something easy – your silverware drawer for instance. Has it become a catch-all for pencils and pens, paper clips, that weird kitchen gadget someone gave you as a housewarming present? Well, take a good look at the contents. Start by removing anything that really doesn’t belong in a silverware drawer. Then simply remove everything that you never use and put in a give-away box or just toss in the trash.

A silverware drawer is a high-action location, so move any items that are used less than once a week to a low-action drawer. Then take five minutes and put all those odd pens and such where they belong. Now you’re done. Pat yourself on the back and read a magazine article or something. No – don’t feel obliged to start on another drawer – do that tomorrow. Your next step is to encourage your family to help you keep that one island of sanity. Over time, one task at a time, you can spread the joy to other drawers and other rooms.