Southwestern Style Decor

If you’re drawn to the look of the Southwest, you can create that feeling in your own home. This bedroom captures the right mood with just a few touches.

To begin, the fireplace resembles a classic desert beehive style, made of stucco with bricks surrounding the small half-oval fire box. If you have a fireplace, stucco, tile or brick on the surround can stand in for this look no matter the fireplace’s shape and still support Southwest styling.

The flooring here is carpeting, in a neutral stucco-like tone that complements the look. Terra cotta or neutral tile or even dark wood flooring would suit this Southwest feeling.

The wood frame on the door to the outside has a rustic appearance that suits the theme. Knobs and hinges are bronze, helping the room to look older. Southwest styling is a little rustic, but it does not have to look like a barn door to fit. This element is perfect.

The bed linens provide the next strongest impression after the fireplace. The soft colors and varied stripes reflect without reproducing old Indian blankets. The pillows look like they’re trimmed in suede. Natural fibers such as suede and leather contribute to a Southwest impression.

This room has some modern pieces that provide a good contrast. The contemporary up-lights by the fireplace provide just the right distribution of brightness and shadows. And though the style is modern, they are unobtrusive enough to keep from distracting your eyes.

It’s the same with the artwork to the left of the fireplace. While a contemporary abstract, the colors and feeling work with the Southwest theme. However, a sand painting or small Native American woven rug on that wall would also work well.

It’s not hard to carry the spirit of the Southwest into your home. It’s a look rich in tradition and appeal.