Glamorous Bedroom

Would you like your bedroom to feel special and glamorous? This room shows how it’s done, with color and design choices.

Let’s start with color. The room is essentially black, white and red. A straight palette of black and white is stark. By adding the red, gray and brown, the room is softened but still contains the contrast that captures the eye.

Black generally presents a luxurious feel and this room is no exception. The matching nightstands, the bed and mirror frames, the European-style shams on the bed and the small round table in the foreground all add to the strength of this room’s design with their presence. If you want to add drama to a room, drop in some black.

Red is used strategically as an accent. The curtains have the strongest red presence, and the one small pillow and vase of roses pull the color into the room. The red chosen is not bright but rich and dark – almost but not quite maroon.

Metallic accents such as the silver lamps and the nightstand pulls continue with a sense of glamour. In this room gold was an option, but silver is the more sophisticated choice.

Patterns subtly mark this room as professionally designed. Striped curtains, tone-on-tone black shams on the bed, two silk throw pillows with rich fringe on the loveseat, one small red pillow and of course lightly patterned carpeting create interest without distracting from the appealing lines of the room.

The final note of luxury and glamour comes from the loveseat and table. The soft brown leather works in this room. Rounded arms and graceful feet fit the bedroom and the pillows and table invite the owner to stop with a cup of good coffee in the morning.