Multi-tasking Kitchen

Today’s kitchens are often so much more than a space to prepare food. They may serve double-duty as a spot for homework, paying bills, checking out the latest on your Facebook page or planning a party. Family members may look to you for a paper clip, stapler or pair of scissors. You may need to combine cooking with help on a school project or while fielding questions from your office after hours. At its best, your kitchen is the heart of your home.

With that in mind, this kitchen at Shoreline gives you the space and storage to do more than cook. The convenient desk area provides just the right place for your grade school student to complete math homework with you looking over his shoulder when needed. Your high-school daughter can plan her 15th birthday party on the phone with her best friend while you listen and make suggestions as you prepare dinner.

We’re ready to support your home administration needs too, with a modern version of old-fashioned pigeon holes to hold bills, envelopes and note cards. A complete wall of drawers and cabinets can hold kitchen supplies or everything you need for a convenient home office. Multiple outlets along the extra-long counter can be used for a mixer or coffee-maker, as well as a printer to support all the family computers.

Whether you use this space to multitask or your family uses it to work on projects while still being in easy reach if they need your help, this kitchen is designed to fit your multipurpose life and, we hope, make it just a bit easier.


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