Create a Cozy Corner Outside

It’s nice to have space for entertaining outdoors, and setting up a table and chairs provides the opportunity for dining al fresco in your own home when the weather allows, but you may also want to consider finding a corner of your yard to create a get-away space.

This could involve a simple chair and path like the one in this picture. It’s almost like a secret garden that you and your family can enjoy.

Another option is positioning a comfortable hammock along the side of your home where it’s more difficult for visitors to find you when you want to enjoy a quiet weekend-afternoon nap.

How about a bistro table and two chairs – just the place for you and your spouse to share a cup of coffee before work?

Whatever purpose you have, you can find just the right combination of outdoor furniture and location to create a special place outdoors. Here are some ways to make this happen.

Plan what you want. Would you like a place to read or a spot for an afternoon snooze? Use your goals to decide how to add both charm and additional functionality to your yard.

Walk around your house. You may think that all of the outdoor space is in use, but often a side yard is available. This photo shows a common path from the front to the back of the house on the side opposite the garage. By adding the stepping stones and a chair, this family created a special nook.

Take a look at the edges of your yard. Often trees and bushes hide a cozy spot that would make a fun place to read or relax with the addition of a bench or other seating.

Plan this into your landscape. When you design your yard’s landscape or make any changes, think about ways to create the feeling of rooms outside – bushes, plantings and low walls can add a sense of someplace special.