Luxurious and Comfortable Bath

Most people’s lives are busy, with to-do lists that never seem to end. When your life is pulling you in all directions, it’s important to have a place for relaxing and just being yourself. At Fulton, we design our master bathrooms as places to temporarily escape from the regular tensions of life.

The mood enhancing starts with furniture-quality cabinetry, providing plenty of storage for everyday bath supplies. This allows you to use your countertops to accessorize your bath and create a luxurious spa feel. In this room, unique finds such as the Moroccan lantern and flower arrangements with old-world charm work together to help create a designer style instead of the pedestrian approach of bathrooms in the past.

Sink and tub feature faucets in the same style and matte finish. This surface has developed into a preferred choice in recent years. More subtle than standard chrome, it provides the flexibility to use other metals such as the lantern and platter without creating conflict.

The 18-inch porcelain tiles provide one of the sturdiest and maintenance-free flooring options for bathrooms, while still coordinating with the dark luxury of this space. Lighter countertops, a white porcelain sink and bath, and the large window keep the darker color choices from becoming gloomy. Instead, this bath has an intimate feel despite its unusually large footprint.

Special touches such as the mirror frames and the attractive tile pattern running above the countertops add that element of the unusual. When life involves running all the time, isn’t it nice to start and end your day in comfort and luxury?