Hotel Inspired Home Design

If you are frequent traveler, you’ve probably stayed in your fair share of hotel rooms.  The rise of boutique and designer hotels has pushed the design envelope on hotel rooms. Hotel design has evolved over the last few decades to become a great source of design inspiration for our own bedrooms. Luxury materials, sleek modern designs and thoughtful touches inspired by the best hotel rooms can infuse your own bedroom with chic design ideas.


The cookie cutter feeling of big chain hotels is not where we are finding our design inspiration, although those hotel rooms have benefited from the rising tide of hotel design. Boutique hotels, with their personal sensibilities are the leaders in hotel design.  Using modern furniture, classic designs, and even antiques in the rooms gives them the feeling of a guest room in someone’s home. Luxury linens with high thread counts, down comforters and a choice of pillows make these beds inspiring.


Added touches like chic bedside lighting, chandeliers and even floor lamps easily translate to a home bedroom. Thick carpet underfoot is great first thing in the morning. If you don’t have carpet in the bedroom, buy a large area rug for underneath the bed. Make sure it is large enough to extend far enough out from under the bed so that you can walk on it.


Next time you stay in a beautiful hotel, look around the room for inspiration for your own bedroom at home. You might be surprised what you find.