Decorating Begins at the Front Door

Decorating really begins at the front door. Whether you have a formal entry, steps, a porch or a portico, you’ll want to create a welcoming feeling before your guests ever step through the front door.

A beautiful front door is the first step in decorating your entry.  Paint can do wonders if replacing the door is not an option.  Second to the front door is lighting.  An overhead porch light can be as stylish and charming as an indoor fixture. A single sconce or a pair of sconces flanking the door is another option. Outdoor lighting has come a long way and you can find lighting that suits any style of architecture.

Pretty flowers or a pot of branches in the winter can decorate the area around the door. A seasonal wreath is a classic choice for any time of year. Keep the look clean and simple to highlight the door. Like elsewhere in the home too much of a good thing can make the space look cluttered.

Add a door mat for wet and muddy feet. Just inside the door add another area rug or mat to protect hardwood and tile floors.  If you have a tiled or wood entry and carpet throughout the home, you’ll definitely want a door mat.

Setting the tone for your style at the front door is a great way to make your house truly feel like your home.