Balancing Strong Color on the Wall

Salmon pink on the living room wall may not be for everyone, but this living room does a beautiful job of balancing the bold color on the wall with neutral furnishings. Bright color on the wall, like sunny yellow, grass green, or salmon pink, can bring life and energy to a room’s design.  Don’t be afraid of color on the walls. Just pick a color that you love and will be happy to live with everyday.


Of course, if you really love color you can have color on the walls, furniture or floor that contrasts and complements each other. Monochrome or multi-colored, colorful rooms can be calming or energizing depending on what color or colors are used. Pink can be a calming color, especially when paired with neutrals. The warm neutrals of the furniture and flooring in this living room create a warm, inviting living space.  The polka dots on the ottomans tie into the wall color with a subtle pop of pink.


Warm wood tones and creams on the furniture and floor could work with a number of wall colors. It is easy to replace a wall color with new paint or wallpaper which is much cheaper than investing in furniture and carpet.


Be bold with paint colors. You can always repaint if you get tired of the color. And if you have neutral furnishings, you can pick up the new color in accents and objects around the room. If you love salmon pink, incorporate it into your décor.