Creating an Attractive Universal Design Bath

Specialized  bathroom furniture, safety bars and non-slip floors are available for bathrooms that can be used comfortably by people with special needs. In the past, many of these specialized products sacrificed style to functionality, but that is changing.

As baby boomers age, their physical requirements may change, but they are not willing to lose a sense of style in their homes. In this photo, this wheelchair-friendly bathroom is also attractive and interesting.

The sink has open space underneath that allows a wheelchair to slide under it, and the towel bar is an easy reach from a seated position. One cabinet is on rollers, providing the opportunity to move it to a convenient position during a bath, but position it out of the way when not needed.

The side cabinet is low enough to reach bathroom supplies, and a mirror inside the door gives a clear view from a seated position. With the standard-position mirrors and other features, this bathroom is also completely functional for someone standing.

Many people are thinking of universal design issues when redesigning older baths. Even people who have no current ambulatory issues may want to consider universal design features as part of their goal of aging in place – staying in their home as long as possible as they get older.

You can make your bathroom accessible without sacrificing style. Let us know if we can help you see the rich selection of universal design products available for today’s bathrooms.

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