Adding the Unexpected to Your Bathroom

Bathrooms generally feature plenty of porcelain and tile, with a few pictures and accessories to attempt to warm up the space. But with a little thought, you can create a bathroom with an unexpected and inviting feature to take the room beyond the mundane into something special.

In this bathroom, the unexpected feature is a cozy, feminine easy chair. This simple touch changes the bathroom into a warm, old fashioned space. The modern redesign of a classic claw-foot tub also adds to the characteristic feeling that the room is part of a time long gone.

If you don’t have room for an easy chair in your bath, consider a small table or chest of drawers to hold towels or soaps. You could also hang a small quilt or tapestry rather than the more traditional prints found in bathrooms.

By adding something soft and unexpected, you have the opportunity to make your bathroom more inviting and interesting.